The Gimnasio La Colina parent:

They will always be committed to the growth of their children, and will fulfill the duty of answering the academic and financial responsibilities acquired with their children and with the school.

They will respect and live, with a positive and constructive attitude, the fundamental values of the Institution, such as respect for life, family, customs, differences, spirituality, the Catholic religion (as the one practiced in the school, although other beliefs are respected), the Nation and Gimnasio La Colina, with a sense of belonging and identity.

They will participate with interest in activities promoted by the institution (sports, academic, cultural, social and educational), for the welfare of the family and the environment in general.

They will participate in the instances of the School Government; they will be able to generate and lead activities for the welfare and growth of the Colina community, they will offer enriching and constructive alternatives for everyone.

They will respect and abide by the rules, agreements, recommendations given by the directors, teachers and psychologists; and the consequences present in this Community Handbook.

They will have the ability to work in a team, listen and respect the points of view of others. Respect the channels of communication, present their observations and/or complaints to the teachers in a respectful manner, and when they need to offer criticism to the Institution, they will do so in a positive and constructive manner, always seeking to find solutions together.

They will provide their children with spaces and home environments that generate trust, and tenderness; they will provide care and protection in their physical, social and environmental surroundings.

They will be responsible for the use of their children’s free time for the development of citizenship skills.

They will permanently and actively accompany their children in the pedagogical process implemented by the school, to construct a healthy community, respect for human rights, education for sexuality and the prevention and mitigation of school violence.