At the Gimnasio la Colina School, we have a bilingual education program that has advanced for more than 20 years, getting us to where we are now.  Since 2017, we began to be recognized as part of the 10,000 schools that make up the Cambridge International community around the world.

The Cambridge programs for Primary and Secondary, in Science, Mathematics and English, are the starting point for students in ninth grade to begin their training in the AS Level program, opening doors to higher education opportunities in the best universities in Colombia and abroad.

In addition, we have two strategic agreements that provide our students from grade 6 and up with opportunities to enjoy and learn from high quality cultural and academic experiences in Canada and England.


This is a school division made up of 16 schools throughout 7 communities in the province of Manitoba, Canada. With them, and with the support of Cosmopolitan Education, we offer our students from 6th to 8th grade, the possibility of participating in an exchange of 6 months or a year. The objective of this exchange is to generate a multicultural environment in the educational community, allowing our students and the Canadian students to share classes and extra-curricular activities in a global environment. The program offers a “home stay” version, as it has families recognized and endorsed by the school division, to host foreign students and offer them the support they need. At La Colina we are committed to the international projection of our students.


As part of the international program, the school and Study Union offer a summer camp in the United Kingdom, which generally runs from July 19th to the first week of August.  The purpose of this trip is to give students in grades 6 and up the opportunity to interact with young people of the same age but of different nationalities, with English as their common language.  The summer camp offers formal English classes for 3 hours each day, trips to visit London’s emblematic sites, as well as historically and culturally significant cities.  The Summer Camp is another way of accompanying our students as they to get to know different lifestyles that, in turn, help them value their own, as well as learning to coexist and learn from the cultural differences that the experience offers.