Nursing Services and Emi Protected Area




The nurse’s office is equipped with basic equipment and implements for the care of injuries and minor illnesses, and is open Monday through Friday, from 6:50 a.m. to 4 p.m.  The nursing assistants assigned by EMI will be at the following e-mail address: enfermería@lacolina.edu.co where you will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Procedure in case of an event during the school day:


  1. A responsible adult (teacher or administrative staff) identifies the event and immediately locates the nurse.
  2. The person who requires the service is taken to the nurse’s office; if he/she is unable to do so by his/her own means, the nurse will go to the site of the event.
  3. Through the TRIAGE, the classification of the event is determined; if it is an emergency or urgency, the EMI medical service is called for the pertinent attention and to define whether or not the patient should be transferred to a medical care center.
  4. EMI makes additional presence in the school with a doctor; who evaluates, stabilizes and according to his/her professional criteria and if required, proceeds to transfer the patient, guaranteeing their safety, to the corresponding clinic or hospital center. They will always be accompanied by an adult representative of the school, until the arrival of a family member, parent or guardian.
  5. In order to carry out the transfer, parental authorization will be required, except in cases where the EMI doctor makes the decision immediately because it is a life-threatening case. Communication with parents to inform about the event will be carried out by the secretary of the level, and through her, the health status of the students and specific cases that have been attended will be followed up. Likewise, before the transfer and in case it is not a clear emergency, the student will be checked if he/she has contracted the youth accident policy, taken in enrollment, as a support to the family and definition of the nearest medical center.



Medication will not be administered without prior medical authorization, in accordance with Law 23 of 1981, in the event that a student requires medication during the school day, it will be done with written authorization from their parents and with a medical prescription, this may be communicated in the school agenda or through the e-mail enfermeria@lacolina.edu.co, with the corresponding documentation and the delivery of the medication to be administered.


Parents are advised not to send their children to school if they wake up sick, so they should contact their EPS or PREPAID MEDICINE in order to have the child properly checked and present the respective doctor’s note, as support for the absence from the school day.