Diversity Awareness

We consider each student as unique and unrepeatable.  We are all different and that diversity fills our daily lives with varied voices, occurrences, and mistakes from which we can learn infinitely.  This diversity enriches our environment. This belief has lead us to commit ourselves to each of our students and all that they are: their aptitudes, difficulties, defects, skills and different interests.


PASOS is the Socio-educational Support Program for Diversity at Colina, which is proposed to effectively address diversity in the processes, rhythms and learning modalities of students. It aims to respond to their individual needs through the establishment of inclusion policies in order to promote equal participation in all areas of school life and accompany their personal growth.


We achieve this initially by getting to know each of our students in all their facets from an interdisciplinary point of view. We prioritize their potential over their shortcomings, so as not to get lost in what they lack, and thus multiply their strengths.

By reviewing in an interdisciplinary manner the processes, progress and individual needs, we generate immediate management strategies to address individuality.

We work in coordination with the different instances, teachers, psychologists or support professionals, with a thorough process of monitoring and rethinking strategies and adjustments.

We create unique intervention plans that are permanently redefined according to the student’s response, and we are advised by medical and therapeutic professionals who enrich our view of each case.

We recognize that not all students need the same level of attention, that some require temporary adjustments and others demand permanent accompaniment. Regardless of their needs, all students are recognized for their potential.